History in the Garden – McGregor is the first ever dual weight Champion!

Conor McGregor has made history, in spectacularly dominant fashion.

McGregor went into the fight supremely confident against Lightweight Champion Eddie Alvarez and boy, did he back it up.

Loading up hard on the famed left hand, McGregor floored the Philly native three-times in the first round, amounting to a dominant 10-8 performance.

In the second, it was much of the same, McGregor, sensing a victory, started to enjoy himself, toying with Alvarez who was still seeing stars. Ready for the kill, McGregor moved in with a flurry and ended the fight at 3:04 in the second round.

Showing his dominance in all facets, McGregor was able to stuff takedowns and keep the fight on the feet. He neutralized Eddie’s strength and forced him into a punch-off, one, which, based off his effort against Rafael Dos Anjos, you’d think he be in, but he never was.

After the fight, the showman continued to come out, responding to UFC Commentator, Joe Rogan’s first question with ‘Where the F— is my second belt? Cheap Motherf*ers. $4.2 Billion and I can’t get a second belt?.’

Conor went on to, in typical Conor fashion praise and put down his opponent in the same breath, ‘Eddie’s a warrior, but he shouldn’t be in there with me.’ He then ended the exchange with Rogan with a line to be remember as part of UFC history ‘”I spend a lot of time slinging everyone in the company, I’ve ridiculed everyone on the roster, I’d like to take time to apologize to absolutely nobody,”

What McGregor was able to do tonight was nothing short of historic. On the biggest stage in UFC history, in the biggest arena in America, Conor did what no man has done before, and is now the 1st ever dual champion in UFC history.

His performance at UFC 205 will go down in MMA folklore and his place in the sports’ history as one of the best performers on the biggest stages is cemented forever.

For the rest of the world, attention will now turn to what’s next for McGregor, with a litany of contenders chomping at the bit. Jose Aldo is still owed a rematch for the Featherweight World Title, Frankie Edgar’s win puts him in the conversation, as does Max Holloway’s recent streak. In the Lightweight division, Alvarez will want his rematch, but with Tony Ferguson putting together dominant performances, he too will have something to say. However, without a doubt, the man with the biggest claim to the title, Khabib Nurmagomedov, after chalking up his 24th consecutive professional win over Michael Johnson on the same card, he cannot be ignored.

But, with that conversation for another day, Conor McGregor, tonight, sits atop the MMA world, and runs the UFC.


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