AFL Trade Summary – Tuesday 18 October

  • A three way trade was completed that saw Pearce Hanley move to Gold Coast and get pick 67, Brisbane gaining picks 22 and future first round pick from Port, and Port Adelaide getting picks 19 and 30.
  • Western Bulldogs Premiership defender Joel Hamling moved to Fremantle for essentially pick 35
  • GWS James Stewart wants a move to Essendon
  • Adelaide and Carlton are still negotiating a deal for Bryce Gibbs
  • Gold Coast Jaeger O’Meara could be forced into the draft as talks between them and Hawthorn are still on-going
  • Dion Prestia should make his move to Richmond within the next day
  • Melbourne’s Lynden Dunn is close finalising his move to Collingwood

2 thoughts on “AFL Trade Summary – Tuesday 18 October

  1. Latest rumored Crows-CFC Gibbs deal sounds workable. Pick 13 + AFC 2017 Round 1 pick, less CFC 2017 round 2 pick. If Adelaide finish in top 4 and Carlton in last 4,it’s only a drop of up to 8 places for Adelaide. If Carlton are serious in going after Fyfe in 2017 they’ll have 2 round ones plus salary cap saving.

    Crows midfield did well in 2016 but were blitzed by the stronger ones Geelong, Sydney, WCE and WB. Gibbs will give a bit of class with Sloane until the Crouch boys become elite.

    Win-win, plus a bit of face-saving for both.

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  2. I did hear that rumor. The question would be whether Adelaide are willing to give up 2 first round picks for Gibbs. Gibbs will add class to their midfield like you said but I also think they need more outside run too. They do have Charlie Cameron and Rory Atkins who are good players but they are still young and developing.

    If Carlton can get an elite player like a Nat Fyfe or Dustin Martin for those first round picks then they will be in finals sooner rather than later, just as long as they can keep the likes of Cripps, Murphy and Docherty at the club.

    If this trade rumor is true and it goes through, I agree with you that it will be a win-win for both clubs.

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