Pearce Hanley Joins Gold Coast

A 3 way trade between Brisbane, Gold Coast and Port Adelaide has seen Brisbane’s Pearce Hanley join Gold Coast.

The trade saw Gold Coast gain Hanley and pick 67, Brisbane gaining picks 22 and future first round pick from Port, and Port Adelaide getting picks 19 and 30.

The Irishman was a pick 38 in the 2008 AFL Rookie Draft and has played 128 games for Lions.

Since making his debut in 2008, he has become a hard running backman that has elite kicking skills.

The last few seasons has seen Hanley playing in the midfield and having stints up forward and kicking goals.

Although his past couple of seasons have not been the best, he still has the ability to break the lines and hit any target with his kicking.

For short team results, all three have won in this deal as Gold Coast gained an experienced player, Brisbane have 4 picks inside the top 22 and Port have now 3 draft picks inside the top 30 this years draft. Port did give away next season’s first round pick so they will be hoping to do well next season or else this deal will come back to bite them.

Hanley should prove to be a good signing for Gold Coast as they need more depth in their midfield and defence.

With a new change of scenery, don’t be surprised to see Hanley find some form again next season at his new club.


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