North Melbourne Signs Paul Ahern

North Melbourne have signed GWS youngster Paul Ahern in exchange for pick 69.

The 20 year old has not yet made a debut for the Giants since he was drafted in the 2014 AFL Draft with pick 7.

Ahern was injured all of the 2016 AFL season due to two knee injuries that needed to be reconstructed with the most recent coming in September and is likely to miss the whole 2017 season.

He is known to be a classy midfielder that has the ability to go up forward and kick a goal or two.

Despite all of this, North Melbourne have not much to lose with this trade as they only gave away pick 69 but plenty to gain as he is a former top 10 pick that has potential to be a great midfielder.

It is a concern that he will miss an entire season for the club but at only 20, Ahern has plenty of time to get back into training and play with his new teammates.

He will have time to slot himself into the North Melbourne that needs a bit of class ever since the departures of Brent Harvey, Daniel Wells and Nick Dal Santo.

The Kangaroos will be hoping that they can get the best out of Ahern when he returns from injury and play to his capabilities as a high draft pick.



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