Jack Steele Signs For St Kilda

GWS Midfielder Jack Steele has signed for St Kilda for a future second round pick.

Steele has been starved of first team opportunity after playing just 17 games in his first two seasons at the Giants.

He was able to play 10 games this season but was not able to claim a spot in their finals campaign due to a foot injury that ruled him out for the rest of the season.

He was a GWS academy player and was drafted at pick 23 from Canberra in the 2014 AFL Draft after North Melbourne with pick 15, made a bid for him.


It is a great trade for St Kilda as Steele is a tough midfielder that can win his own ball. He will add more grunt to the St Kilda midfield and could free up players like Jack Steven and Jack Newnes to play more outside due to their superior kicking skills.

Steele is only 20 years old so he is still learning his craft as an inside midfielder, which means he will get better which could only benefit St Kilda.

This is a great signing and with the return of Jake Carlisle, St Kilda should now be aiming for finals next season.


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