Liverpool’s Left Back Woes Could Ruin Their Top 4 Aspirations

Liverpool’s start to the 2016/17 season has been positive. Besides the 2-0 loss to Burnley, they have been the better team in every other match and have been able to get wins against Hull City, Arsenal, Chelsea, reigning champions Leicester City and a grinding win away to Swansea City.

The main issue Liverpool do have right now is the lack of players in the left back position. It was position that was taken by Alberto Moreno but due to last season’s form, he has been forced to be second fiddle to James Milner who is not a defender, let alone a left back.

To be fair, Milner has performed well so far for a player who has been never played there before. He has provided energy and experience which helps with the lack of defence and to top it off, he has scored 4 penalties so far this season.

The concern is when teams start to think tactically that they can expose Milner at left back, it could result to goals that may cost Liverpool points. These loss of points could be the difference between a Champions League spot to missing out of Europe all together.

It may not be an issue now due to a couple of impressive victories and Liverpool currently sitting in 4th spot, 2 points behind Manchester City on top but it is only been 7 matches and with 31 games to play, it could be a position that many teams will try to exploit.

It is all well and good right now but will this great run of form in a unfamiliar position continue? That is a question that we just have to find out this season.


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