Zach Touhy Attracting Interest From Other AFL Clubs

According to Fox Sports, Carlton’s Zach Touhy has been attract plenty of interest from other AFL clubs but mainly from North Melbourne.

However, Touhy is currently happy and prefers to stay at Carlton but he may have a contract offer from North Melbourne.

The Irishman so far has played 120 games for Carlton since being picked up as a rookie in the 2010 Draft and has become an important part of Carlton’s defence.

North Melbourne do not have many small lock down defenders and Touhy would be a welcome inclusion to the Kangaroos.

Although, with the likes of Harvey, Petrie, Dal Santo and Firrito not being offered new contract, North Melbourne may be looking for fresh young players to rejuvenate the lineup so they may not be looking for more experienced players during this upcoming trade period.

Also the fact that Touhy wants to stay at Carlton makes it near certain he will remain there unless something drastic happens that forces him to leave.


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