The Canadian UFC legend looks to have ended three years of speculation on his fighting future, and looks set to return in a bout with middleweight champion, Michael Bisping.

Arguably the greatest fighter to ever step into the octagon, Georges St. Pierre is coming back to the sport he dominated for so long. A former three time Welterweight Champion, the record holder for most wins in title bouts (12-2-0) and second on the list for combined days as champion, at 2,204 days. GSP has achieved greatness.

Walking away on top as the champion in 2013, GSP has never been non-committal to retirement, nor to returning, and in recent years, the speculation has ramped up to no end. Talk of super fights against the likes of Connor McGregor and Nate Diaz have been spoken of, as well as a one off fight with another great, Anderson Silva. When the Nate Diaz – Connor McGregor rematch fell through, fears grew for the state of the upcoming UFC 200 card.

Where was the star-power going to come from? Who was going to be the ‘draw’? GSP’s name was suggested as the whispers of a return began to grow, with as a substitute for either Diaz or McGregor.

In his return announcement, GSP addressed comments made by Michael Bisping in recent times, saying“There’s two things that I’m very proud of — my welterweight title that I won and there’s another record that I hold for most wins in UFC history,” and “Now I have someone who is challenging me in Michael Bisping.

“I do not believe if I fight him he would send me back to a movie set. Yes, he’s bigger than me, but I believe I have more skills, more athleticism, and a higher fighting IQ than he does. The world doesn’t revolve around me, but if it’s a fight that the fans and the UFC wants to make, they’ve got my number, they can call my agent no problem. We can organise to make it happen and make an agreement.”

A fight with Bisping is intriguing, but with a stacked 185 pound division, with the likes suitors for the title are not short; Luke Rockhold has a bone to pick with the champion, former champion Chris Weidmann also has a rematch owing. Other contenders include veteran Dan Henderson and Ronaldo ‘Jacare’ Souza, so, his chances could be slim.

Never the less, the return is huge, and the options are incredible.



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