Chad Mendes gets Flagged!

Perennial featherweight contender, Chad Mendes has been flagged by USADA on June 10. A flagging from USADA usually means that the person flagged has taken a banned substance unknowingly.

With a record of 17-4, 1-2 in his last three and at 31 years of age, Mendes, staring down the barrel of a potential two year ban, could see his career cut short for a ‘mistake.’ His only statement since the announcement coming via twitter on June 19th.

It reads; ‘I didn’t do my homework and that was a big mistake. I own it and I’m going to pay for it.’

One of the most reliable and consistent 145 pound fighters on the planet, who had previously lost only to Jose Aldo, his career hangs in the balance, and his stellar reputation is already being dragged through the mud.



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