Our mid season AFL All-Australian team

With the bye rounds approaching, we have decided to make our mid-season All Australian teams. Here are the teams.

Sportsman Team:

B: D. Morris, D. Talia, H.Shaw

HB: J.Pittard, J.Gibson, S.Docherty

C: D.Hannebery, L.Neale, T.Scully

HF: N. Riewoldt, L.Franklin, L.Parker

F: E.Betts, J.Kennedy, T.Lynch (Gold Coast)

FOLL: T.Goldstein, P.Dangerfield, M.Bontempelli

I: L.Hunter, B.Gibbs, S.Coniglio, J.Selwood


Unsportman Team:

B: H. Shaw, S.Thompson (North Melbourne), S. Docherty

HB: E. Wood, D.Talia, D. Rampe

C: N.Riewoldt, D. Shiel, L.Neale

HF: K. Jack, L. Franklin, L. Parker

FF: E. Betts, J.Kennedy, B. Gibbs

FOLL: T. Goldstein, D. Hannerbery, P. Dangerfield

INT: L. Hunter, T. Scully, J. Selwood, M. Gawn.


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