2016 Copa America Preview

Countries from North and South America will be vying for the Copa America trophy which begins today in USA. 16 Countries are placed into 4 groups of 4 with 2 teams from each group proceeding to the knockout stage.

Group A: USA, Colombia, Costa Rica, Paraguay

The hosts USA will be looking to get out of their group despite going against a powerful Colombia side and surprise packets from the last FIFA World Cup, Costa Rica. Led by James Rodriguez, Colombia will look to win this tournament. Costa Rica will be looking to re-create the heroics of last World Cup when they made it the Quarter Finals. Even Paraguay are no slouch and can cause a surprise. USA do have experienced campaigners in Clint Dempsey and Michael Bradley and with the home crowd behind them, it should give them every chance of proceeding to the next round.

The hosts need to get through to the next round and they should along with Colombia who should top  group A.

Group B: Brazil, Ecuador, Tahiti, Peru

Brazil will be looking to top Group B despite missing superstar Neymar to the Rio Olympics.However, Brazil still have the likes of Willian, Hulk, Coutinho and Felipe Luiz that can carry this team. Ecuador and Peru will most likely fight it out for second as both nations are rather competitive so whoever wins the match between one another will probably be the nation that proceeds to the Quarter Finals. Tahiti look to be there to make the numbers.

Right now, Brazil and Ecuador are the teams that are favourites to get out of Group B.

Group C: Mexico, Uruguay, Jamaica, Venezuela

Group C is a rather interesting group as it contains two major footballing countries in Mexico and Uruguay and countries that can create headaches in Jamaica and Venezuela. Uruguay do have Luis Suarez back from suspension and could potentially guide his country to a tournament win. Mexico have always performed well in tournaments and this tournament should be no exception. Jamaica do have Leicester City captain Wes Morgan who was a rock in Leicester’s quest to the EPL title while Venezuela have West Brom’s José Salomón Rondón who can score goals so don’t underestimate them as well.

Uruguay and Mexico should be the teams that finish top 2 in Group C.

Group D: Argentina, Chile, Panama, Bolivia

Argentina go in as the early favourites this tournament and with players like Messi, Aguero and Di Maria in the squad, who can doubt that. Chile have Vidal, Sanchez and Vargas who helped their country win the last Copa America tournament and will be looking to do the same here. Panama will find it hard to get out of this group while Bolivia could maybe create a stir in this group.

Argentina and Chile should get out of Group D with ease.


With looking at the squads, Argentina has so many star players in their squad and should win this competition. However, Countries like Brazil, Chile, Uruguay and Colombia can dampen that as their squads are good enough to beat the likes of Argentina. Right now, an Argentina vs Brazil final is likely and Argentina should win the 45th Copa America.



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