Draft Lottery System In The AFL?

There had been talks over the years about bottom placed teams not giving 100% to win matches and instead focus on trying to get the first pick in the next AFL draft. This is referred to as tanking and some clubs have been in the centre of tanking in the past decade.

One idea that pops up to solve the tanking issue is creating a draft lottery system just like the NBA do in America. The system works by the first 4 picks will be randomly awarded to the bottom 4 teams who finish there at the end of the season. That way, it is not guaranteed that the bottom place team will get the first pick and could stop teams from trying to tank.

Collingwood Chief Executive Gary Pert said the bottom 4 teams deserve equal chance to secure the number 1 pick.

“I don’t mind the concept of the bottom grouping of clubs being in a lottery scenario where you are never quite sure what pick you will get. It probably should target the bottom four teams because they are the ones who are most in need”.

Melbourne coach Paul Roos had his say and said it is a great idea.

“I’ve been a massive supporter of it for probably the last 10 years ever since the tanking, or whatever people want to talk about started, it’s already started again this week so I think a lottery is a clear solution”.

The draft lottery is a great idea as it will as least minimise tanking and make teams in the bottom 4 still try to win games. However, there is the issue about tanking from teams just above the bottom 4 places but that issue would always be questioned. This system should be on trial for next years draft just to see if it does work and if it is successful then keep the system.



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