Is Andy Carroll Finally Living Up To Expectations?

Fans forgot about the potential Andy Carroll had when he started out his career. The 27 year old had been criticised over the years about his form and injuries but it looks like he is showing a little bit of what he can produce weekly at West Ham.

When Carroll burst onto the scenes in 2009 when Newcastle were just recently relegated. They lost some key strikers which paved the way for Carroll who scored 17 goals to help Newcastle get promoted. The 2009-10 season saw Carroll hit some form for Newcastle and as a result, scored 11 goals in just 18 games. This is when people started seeing the rise of Andy Carroll.

He moved to Liverpool in 2010 and expectations were high of him. In 3 years at Anfield, he did not live up to these expectations due to injury and form. He only scored 6 goals in 28 games which was not a great return and in the 2012-13 season was loaned out to West Ham and then next season, the move became permanent. The first couple of seasons were difficult due to injury but this season, he has been able to start playing more and starting to recapture some scoring form.

He had played 32 matches this season compared to only 16 matches each season of 2013-14 and 2014-15. He had scored 9 goals this season including a hattrick against Arsenal. He is starting to look like the player he was back when he was in Newcastle and could finally be living up to those early expectations that everyone was given him. He is an aerial threat and is in full flight when a ball is crossed into his vicinity and attacks the ball and delivers a towering header into the back of the net. Also, his hold up play and skills on the ball for a 191cm striker is impressive.

Carroll could call himself a little unlucky not make the England squad for the Euros because of the X factor he could bring to the team. His aerial abilities could have been useful and would have troubled opposition as he could be the person to grab a late goal for his country and could be the difference in proceeding further into the Euros.

He may not be back to his very best back when he was at Newcastle United but it is a start and is showing glimpse of what he can do. He has not quite fulfilled the expectations yet but he is starting to perform more consistently. If he can go through next season without having a serious injury and play plenty of minutes on the pitch then he can start scoring more. An in form Andy Carroll is a dangerous player to go up against.


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