Sevilla Wins Europa league Final

Sevilla has won their third consecutive Europa League Cup after defeating Liverpool 3-1 in Basel. Sevilla started the match better of the two teams and got some early shots until Liverpool took control for the rest of the second half. Daniel Sturridge scored the first goal of the game with a brilliant outside of the foot shot from the edge of the box in the 35th minute. Liverpool could have doubled their lead through Dejon Lovern but Sturridge was offside and blocking the goalkeeper when the ball went into the back of the net so the goal was deemed disallowed. Liverpool went into the half time break 1-0 up.

Sevilla could not have started better with Kevin Gamiero scoring 17 seconds after second half kick off from a cross to equalise. Sevilla were the more dominate team in the second half and created plenty of goalscoring opportunities. Right back Coke gave Sevilla the lead in the 64th minute and then scored again in the 70th minute to secure the Cup. Despite Liverpool trying desperately to score to get back into the match but were not able to score. The match ended 3-1 and leaves Sevilla holding up the cup for the third consecutive year.


Liverpool 1-3 Sevilla


Daniel Sturridge (35)                                                                                      Kevin Gamiero (46)

Coke (64,70)


10                                                                                     Shots                                                                          11

4                                                                                  On Target                                                                       4

54%                                                                          Possession (%)                                                            46%

4                                                                                  Corners                                                                            7

303/374                                             Passes Completed/Passes Attempted                                       222/303


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