EPL Relegated Teams Confirmed

It has been a fascinating English Premier League season with some teams improving and some teams dropping. Leicester City completed the fairy tale story by winning the EPL title for the first time in the club’s history while defending champions Chelsea dropped out of title contention to only fight for a mid table spot. There are always two races in top flight; one for the title and the other to avoid relegated.

With 1 game still to play, the relegation battle is complete and Aston Villa, Newcastle United and Norwich City  have been relegated to the English Championship. This comes after Sunderland defeated Everton today 3-0 to keep their place in the top flight.

With the disappointment of relegation comes a sense of joy for the teams that get promoted from the English League Championship to the Premier League. Burnley and Middlesbrough have clinched promotion. Burnley finished on top of the Championship and were in the EPL last season before being relegated. Middlesbrough finished second this season and have not been in the EPL since the 2008-09 season.

There is still one spot remaining and Brighton, Hull City, Derby County and Sheffield Wednesday will be competing in the playoffs for that last promotion spot. This will be all be revealed throughout the next couple of weeks.


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