UEFA Europa League Semi Finals Leg 1 Results

The Europa League saw some intriguing semi finals matches.

Shakhtar Donetsk and Sevilla played out a 2-2 draw with Vitolo scoring first for Sevilla in the 6th minutes before goals to Marlos in the 23rd minute and Taras Stepanenko in the 36th minute gave Shakhtar a 2-1 lead at halftime. Sevilla were able to salvage a draw after Kevin Gameiro scored a penalty in the 82nd minute. This gives Sevilla 2 away goals which may become valuable heading into the second leg.

Shakhtar Donetsk 2-2 Sevilla


Marlos (23)                                                                                                                    Vitolo (6)

Taras Stepanenko (36)                                                                             Kevin Gameiro (82 Penalty)


13                                                                                     Shots                                                                          9

4                                                                                  On Target                                                                     4

47%                                                                          Possession (%)                                                            53%

8                                                                                  Corners                                                                         5

314/369                                             Passes Completed/Passes Attempted                                       377/445

A late goal by Adrián López  gave Villarreal a 1-0 win and ended Lverpool’s unbeaten run in this season’s Europa League. It was a competitive match with both teams working hard to try and score. Both teams had chances throughout the 90 minutes and it looked like a 0-0 draw was on the cards until Adrián López scored in the 92nd minute from a great cross from Denis Suarez to give his side the victory. Villarreal now has an advantage heading to the second leg at Anfield.

Villarreal 1-0 Liverpool


Adrián López (90+2)


9                                                                                     Shots                                                                          13

3                                                                                  On Target                                                                     2

52%                                                                          Possession (%)                                                            48%

7                                                                                  Corners                                                                         3

385/445                                             Passes Completed/Passes Attempted                                       469/527


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