Are AFL Umpires Ruining Matches?

In the back of some controversial umpire decisions late in the Hawthorn vs Adelaide match last Friday night, fans have made comments regarding the umpires calls so that raises the question, do AFL umpires ruin matches?

When you chat with family or friends or check social media about a match that has just finished, there will be a time where they will be questioning the umpires performance during the match and it is usually in a negative way. They may just point out the bad decisions that were made or not made but could get as brutal as saying “umpires are cheats” which is absolutely unnecessary as they do everything they can to officiate the game as fairly as possible.

It is completely unfair to blame the umpires for their team losing because of a few decisions that did not go your way. There are times that decisions do go your way and therefore no complaints. No one gives credit to umpires that make the right decisions but instead focus on the terrible calls.

Players do argue with umpires on the field and this may end up with a lot of back chatting from the players and further extent to players talking to umpires during quarter breaks or after the game. However, most of these players just get on with the game as they know that umpires will not overturn their decisions no matter how blatant obvious it was.

During most matches you hear plenty of boo’s from the fans usually after a decision not going their way and after the game as they are walking off the field. How would they feel hearing the boo’s that are directly at them? Not very good I would say and that may diminish their confidence. You have to remember that they are put under pressure just like the players so they are bound to make mistakes here and there.

The umpires officiate matches as best as they can and do not ruin AFL matches. Sure, we all question their decisions at times during matches but people can’t say that they ruin matches. It is not easy being an umpire but so far they are doing well this season.


— The Sportsman


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