‘Thanks for the Cheese’ – 24 hours on, what do we make of McGregor’s retirement? 

24 hours on – the UFC is still trying to understand the explosive events that have transpired.

Arguably the UFC biggest ever draw, along with Brock Lesnar, Connor McGregor has bought eyes, attention and money to the MMA game like no other.

Brash, Badass & Unapologetic, he was the golden child, until he lost a last-minute catchweight fight to Nate Diaz. The featherweight champion demanded a rematch and it was set to go down at UFC 200, but then Yesterday happened.

News broke from Connor’s Twitter account with the following message; ‘I’ve decided to retire young. Thanks for the Cheese. Cya’s later.’ What followed was a media swirl of mayhem.

Fans and pundits were scrambling for information, later in the day, UFC president Dana White came out and said something along the lines of; ‘Connor didnt want to come to Las Vegas for the press confrence and the sponsors session – you cannot pick and choose, these things are mandatory.’

As a result, he was pulled from the card.

Still, 24 hours later, not a lot is truly known about the situation, but it is important to note that UFC fighters are under non-compete clauses, and directly with ZUFFA who are third party investors with the broadcast deals for the UFC. That means, Connor may be done with the UFC, but he cannot walk into any other combat sport promotion for quite a while.

As more information comes to hand, the situation becomes clear, but, it’s hard to see Connor walking away. He is the biggest draw, he earns the biggest pay and he runs the yard, whether people like it or not.

I for one think is not done with the UFC – but we wont see him in an Octagon for a little while.

With the UFC 200 card massively damaged, the only man who could save it… GSP.


– Unsportsman


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