AFL Grand Final Replays Have Been Scrapped

The AFL commission has decided to get rid of the Grand Final replays if a draw happens on the day. Instead they will play an additional 5 minutes both sides and if there is still a draw after that then golden point will decide it.

Despite the draw only happening on three occasion in over 100 years (1948, 1977 and 2010), the AFL believe it is the right time to change tradition and scrap the grand final replays.

AFL commissioner Mike Fitzpatrick said the time is right to change for a fairer outcome for interstate teams if they make the grand final.

“We took into account the historic value and the uniqueness of this issue to our game, but at the end of the day fairness to the competing teams in a national competition requires we no longer demand a replayed match,” he said.

The decision should be good for the clubs and fans as they don’t have to wait another week if a draw happens and 5 minutes of extra time both sides makes it fair for both teams to kick a winning score.

There has been some criticism about the golden point as many believe that a golden goal would better outcome the grand final result. Golden Goal would be better as it would be ridiculous to see a grand final won by a player aiming for a behind or trying to rush it over the line. However the likelihood of this happening is slim.

The AFL has broken away from tradition and if a draw occurs on grand final day, extra time and golden point will make the match even more exciting which would make it an even better spectacle to watch.

— The Sportsman


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