La Liga Title Race Is Heating Up

There is only one point between Barcelona, Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid for the La Liga title and with only 5 matches remaining, it is going to be a grandstand finish. Barcelona and Atletico Madrid are currently on 76 points while Real Madrid are on 75 points.

Barcelona were cruising to another La Liga title as they were 9 points clear on top until their lost their last 3 matches to Real Madrid (2-1), Real Sociedad (1-0) and Valencia (2-1). Meanwhile, both Atletico and Real Madrid have been doing what they had to do and win games which has put them back into title contention.

Barcelona had only lost 2 matches in their first 30 matches in La Liga but now have lost their past 3 matches and the team looks out of form. Also, don’t forget that they were knocked out of the UEFA Champions League by Atletico Madrid in the Quarter Finals. Although, they are in the Copa Del Rey final (Spanish Cup) against Sevilla next month, being knocked out of the Champions League will hurt them but what will hurt them more is if they lose the league title from here as they had a clear lead few games prior.

However, this won’t bother football fans around the world as they would prefer to see a close finish in a league title than one team just dominating the league like the French and German leagues at the moment. Either Barcelona, Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid can win it from here so it is set for an exciting finish.


— The Sportsman


One thought on “La Liga Title Race Is Heating Up

  1. I personally hope Atletico win the title to break the dominance of the El Clasico teams.

    It gets boring watching these two own the rest of La Liga every season.

    And Diego Simeone is probably one of less than five managers in the world who knows how to outwit, out-think and outplay Barcelona.

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