Bruno Fornaroli: Is he the best A-League import ever?

With a tally of 21 goals for the season, with 2 games left to play, is the Uruguyan the best import we have ever seen? A three horse race between himself, Thomas Broich and Cassio.

Bruno Fornaroli came into the A-League with an air of mystery. Over his professional career, he was never known as a prolific scorer having spent time at Sampdoria, Nacional and Panathiniakos. However, he has more then changed that perception.

With an incredible 22 goals in 24 games, he has become the most prolific player to grace Australian shores. His pace, touch and ability to turn on a dime have given even the most seasoned defenders headaches. Able to score within the 18 and 6 yard boxes, as well as from well outside both, he is a full-package threat that we have rarely seen in this competition.

He can drop out of the hole and play in the centre of the park as a hold-up striker and bring his wingers into play. He can play as a target man as well as an out and out striker. He is as close as ‘the full-package’ of a player we have seen since Thomas Broich tore the A-League a part.

Broich’s combination of touch and pace, along with the ease with which he could made him the best player in the league, by far as well as being the best import since Cassio at Adelaide United. Cassio’s combination of explosive pace, a deadly weapon of a left foot and consistency of performance made him one of the best Adelaide had seen, as well as the competition.

Two of the best to ever play in the A-League, each with their own special traits, Fornaroli has all of them, in spades. He, when it is all said and done, could very well go down as being the best import to play in the A-League… hell, he could go down as the best ever.


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