What does Cyborg’s entry into the UFC mean?


In fact, it means TROUBLE. BIG TROUBLE.

Cristiane Justino, better known as Cyborg has long been looked upon as the best fighter to never step foot in the UFC. However, earlier today, UFC president Dana White revealed that she will make her long-awaited debut in Brazil in May on the UFC 198 card against Leslie Smith.

However, her past has held her back. Busted for hormone use in Strikeforce, she’s often been distanced from the UFC as a damage to the brand, but now that she’s in, it’s game on.

A monster puncher with insane Muy Thai and Jiu-Jitsu, she poses a serious, serious threat to the entire women’s division, which in recent times is in need of new fire-power.

Boasting a kickboxing record of 2-1 and a MMA record of 15-2, with 13 KO’s she is now, without a shadow of a doubt, in the hunt for the title of the most dangerous women on the planet and it wont be long before she’s going after the title.


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