Best Football League To Watch Right Now?

There are so many leagues that are being watched around the world. EPL, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue 1 and many more. Blessed with talent in all of these leagues but which one do fans like to watch?

My preference goes to the EPL because of the quality of all the teams in the league and that every game seems to be a tough game for all teams. It’s unpredictable and exciting to watch as some of the best players play in this league. Upsets and surprises happens in the EPL which makes the viewing worthwhile such as the rise of Leicester City.

Although I do like watching La Liga, it usually ends up being a 3 horse race with Barcelona, Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid. Atletico made the league a little more exciting a couple of seasons ago when they won La Liga to make it not a 2 horse race anymore. La Liga have the best players in the world such as Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar and Suarez but the competitiveness between the best and worst team is sometimes non-existent. You see Barcelona or Real Madrid smash these teams by 5 goals or more which sometimes, make it not exciting and predictable.

Same goes for Bundesliga as Bayern Munich are the dominate team in that league and they usually wrap up the title with 5-10 games remaining in the season. It is more competitive down the ladder but against Bayern, not many teams stand a chance.

Ligue 1 has the same trend with PSG. They have already wrapped up the title this season and it’s only March! It’s not as popular as the other leagues mentioned but you get to see players like Zlatan Ibrahimovich , Angel Di Maria and Thiago Silva.

Serie A has some famous clubs such as Juventus, AC Milan and Inter Milan but these days, you see the likes of Juventus dominating week in and week out. Sure, you may see teams like Roma and Napoli do their best to catch Juventus but that usually doesn’t happen.

People would have their preferences of what league they would like to see but in terms of watching matches, EPL is the number 1 league in the world for that.


–The Sportsman




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