What should Miesha Tate do next?

Miesha Tate finally realized a dream at UFC 196 when she chocked out former Champion Holly Holm to claim the Women’s Bantamweight Title. After loosing out twice to longtime rival Ronda Rousey (once in the UFC and once in Strikeforce) she is now the measuring stick in Women’s MMA today.

Now, after working so hard to make it to the top, the real work starts for her. What does she do next?

As the champion, she has all the power and all the pull, having put in a year of strong performances, she can lay claim to the most dangerous woman on the planet. However, the long list of people lining up to challenge her for the title continues to grow.

Both Holly Holm and Ronda Rousey are in line for rematches, however there is one other fighter staking a very legitimate claim for being next in line.

Amanda Nunes has strung together an impressive 3 fight win streak, accounting for Shayna Baszler, Sara McMann and Valentina Shevchenko. A strong striker with a fantastic ground game, she is the closest to Miesha in regards to grappling and her striking is making her just as much of a viable threat as Holly or Ronda would certainly be.

Amanda Nunes should be the next in line for a title fight, however with two rematches owing to other fighters, should could be bumped down the pecking order to ensure they taken.

It should be Tate V Nunes in July, with the winner fighting Holm is August/September and then the winner of that bout facing Ronda at the end of the year, or the start of next year. By doing it this way, the UFC is able to create a division with depth and big fight experience, as opposed to relying upon two or three fighters as they have in the past. A tactic which has left them exposed in recent months.


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