Is Dana White a hypocrite?

UFC president Dana White has come out in the wake of UFC 196 with a rather puzzling condemnation of former Women’s bantamweight champion Holly Holm and her decision to fight Miesha Tate instead of waiting for Ronda Rousey to return for her re-match. Here is what he said;

The sad part about that whole thing is, listen, [Holm manager Lenny Fresquez is] an old boxing guy who thinks he’s smart, and he is not. It’s one of those things. I feel bad about it. I feel bad for Holly because I don’t know if Holly really knows what she lost. I think she has so much faith in the people that surround her, she feels like, ‘Well, they got me here.’

We had this meeting, and Holly wasn’t even in it. Holly, that’s your life. You should be in that meeting. Don’t leave it to these people. Anyway, listen, Holly made a lot of money. She accomplished great things, she beat Ronda Rousey. But it could have been so much bigger for her, and the sad part is, I don’t even think she knows it.

Its a rather ironic thing for Dana to say seeing as how on the very same card, Connor McGregor made the most for showing up to a fight in UFC history. Originally slated to fight Rafael Dos Anjos, a mega champion Vs champion match-up, the money would’ve flown out the door for the fight.

Unfortunately, Dos Anjos got injured on his last kick of sparing in his last session before the fight. Now, herein lies the hypocrisy of White’s comments, instead of pulling McGregor for the card and keeping him for the big money fight, Dana gives him Nate Diaz!

Nate, a big name with a big following steps in on the card and keeps the money train rolling. McGregor makes bank, the UFC takes home a huge gate – everybody wins.

Why does does McGregor get a monster pay day and a free pass on judgement, when Holly gets a big fight because she wanted to fight, but it lambasted when she looses? I can’t follow the logic. Is it because there was a title on the line in one fight and not the other? If it was McGregor who got injured and not Dos Anjos, would Dana tell him not to fight at the risk of loosing his belt?

Listen to the ESPN recap and make your mind up on his comments, on not just Holly, but also the rest of the card.





2 thoughts on “Is Dana White a hypocrite?

  1. Dana will criticise a fighter for taking a fight and criticise another for not waiting for a fight in the same sentence. If a fighter’s chosen path ends up costing him money, that’s when he criticises. In this instance, he’s basically airing a grievance against Fresquez.

    It’s the same in other sports. Great players get off for DUIs or DV and lesser players are cut instantly because a team can’t be associated with that behaviour. Sliding scale based on talent and profitability.

    (Turning off cynicism now and will go kiss the kids good night).

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