Eddie McGuire Wants New Stadium In Melbourne

Collingwood president Eddie McGuire has lead the charge in building a new billion dollar stadium in Melbourne, near the MCG.

His stadium proposal would seat 60,000 people with a retractable roof and likely built across the railroad lines from the MCG. This would spell the end for Ethiad Stadium which is currently located in Docklands, in the CBD. McGuire believes that this proposal would “bulletproof”football and erase all club debts.

McGuire is known with coming up crazy ideas. For example, last month he stated that he wanted the AFL to bring back the NAB cup competition and the winner should get a guaranteed spot in the AFL finals. Anyway back to the stadium idea, the deal would benefit helping club debts because what I have heard about the Ethiad Stadium deal, it’s not a real profitable deal for clubs there and as a result, clubs like St Kilds, Western Bulldogs and North Melbourne are finding it hard making plenty of profit.

However, building an entirely different stadium will take plenty of time and money. 1 billion dollars for a new stadium!? I didn’t know the Victorian government have a lot of cash lying around!

Ethiad Stadium is a nice place to go watch footy but I guess some fans disagree as you see the stadium half full at times and remember, they opened stadium in 2000 which was only 16 years ago!

I don’t think they should go with the idea unless the Victoria Government have the money to spent on a proposal this big. For now, Ethiad Stadium and MCG are great stadiums to go watch footy games in Melbourne.


— The Sportsman



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