European Super League- Good Idea or Bad Idea?

American billionaire Stephen Ross has come up with an idea that will keep the big European football clubs together. He has proposed a 20-team “European Super League” competition that will allow the biggest clubs to play each other week in and week, no matter where they finish in the league.

Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City and Manchester United are the five English Premier League  clubs that have been talked about this idea. Other clubs may include Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, AC Milan, Inter Milan and PSG.

An idea that allow the rich clubs to get richer and the poorer teams may get poorer due to the lack of television exposure and profits from these competitions. Sure, it is a great idea for viewers as they will get to see the big European clubs square off which guarantees a high quality match but what about the other clubs that work so hard in the league and finish in a champions league spot? They end up in a less meaningful competition instead which will annoy the clubs.

Also, if this idea goes ahead, it may make the league more pointless. If a lower club are in the top 4 but can’t win the title, they will probably stop trying and prepare for next season instead. The champions league and europa league spots allows other teams to strive for European exposure, so they attract bigger players and extra profits to go into the club. Many people have had their say on this idea and there has been mixed reactions.

It is only an idea but it may become a reality sooner rather than later.


–The Sportsman


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