Maria Sharapova: Positive Reading

Tennis star, Maria Sharapova promised a major announcement, and that’s exactly what we got.

At a press-conference overnight Sharapova dropped a bombshell on the Tennis world and the sporting community at large, she failed a drug test at the Australian Open. She tested positive for an ‘anti-ischemic’ drug known as Mildronate, as well as Meldonium.

Citing a bevy of illness at a young age for the prescription and continued use, Sharapova claims that a change on January 1 by WADA to include Meldonium on the prohibited list, which was unbeknownst to her, is what has lead to the positive reading. Now facing a two to four year ban, Sharapova’s career looks to be seemingly, at and end.

Perhaps the most marketable person in world sport, well spoken, attractive, talented and clean cut, this now leaves a whole in the women’s game, not just talent-wise but also image wise. Loosing a big star in such a manner doesn’t look good from any perspective.

Check out her press conference below.


— The Unsportsman



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